Baby Photography Newbury

mum and dad holding a baby during a newborn baby photoshoot in a white studio

Baby Photography Newbury

The Jennifer Gilam Studio is one of the most beautiful baby photography studios in this region.  The studio is located just minutes from the centre of Newbury in a place called Newtown Common. You can click here to see where Newtown Common is on the map. When I designed the studio I wanted it to feel like a home rather than just a photography studio.  A baby photoshoot is unique and it’s important that my clients feel really relaxed and comfortable.  Your Baby Photoshoot should be a lovely day and a time to look back on with the fondest of memories.  The studio is effectively a self-contained annexe and so is completely separate from my home.  It has its own kitchen, bathroom, really comfortable sofas and even a very big log burner!  It’s a fantastic place to come and relax. 

Baby Photography Newbury – a new style of photography

My style of baby photography is instantly recogniseable and I think it’s utterly timeless and contemporary.  I know only too well that babies change so quickly so I choose to make the focus of my photography all about the baby.  Fussy props, colours and outfits are removed leaving simple, honest portraits where the baby is all that matters.  These portraits are so pure and simple and will look as beautiful in 10 or 20 year’s time as they do today.  What’s more, the pure white style of photography I offer looks good in any setting and matches any style of decor. 

If you are looking for baby photography in Newbury please get in touch – I’d love to tell you more about what I offer – please click here to find out more.

dad holding newborn triplet boys during a newborn photoshoot
dad holding a newborn baby during a baby photography - Covid 19 safe and socially distanced photoshoot
little girl giving her mum a hug in a white studio during a baby photoshoot
newborn baby girl sitting up in her dad's hands during a baby photoshoot
newborn baby toes captured during a newborn baby photoshoot
little boy looking at his newborn baby girl during a newborn photoshoot
sweet little newborn baby lying on it's back during a newborn photoshoot
mum and dad gazing down at their newborn baby during a newborn photoshoot
close up portrait of newborn baby boy lying on his back
9 week old baby in a white studio during a newborn photoshoot
smiling baby boy sitting up in a pure white baby phontography studio
boy triplets photographed lined up in a pure white baby photography studio
tiny newborn baby being held in hid dad's hands
3 month old baby girl holding her mum's hands lying on her back and looking at the camera
smiling baby boy during a 6 month photoshoot
beautiful baby girl looking up at the ca,era in a pure white baby photography studio
dad looking down at 3 month old baby girl during a photoshoote in a pure white studio
baby lying on it's tummy looking at the camera in a pure white baby photography studio
proud dad holding his newborn baby daughter during a newborn baby photoshoot
tiny newborn baby lyingon it's back in a pure white photography studio
tiny newborn baby hand being held by her Mum's hand
little boy picking up a wooden letter during a cake smash baby photoshoot
newborn baby asleep with it's arms raied above it's head
mum and dad holding a baby during a newborn baby photoshoot in a white studio
newborn baby boy holding his mum's hands during a newborn baby photoshoot


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