smiling baby boy during a 6 month photoshoot

What is the Best Age for Baby Photography

As a natural baby photographer, the best age for baby photography is no longer such an issue.  I used to specialise in what I now think of as traditional newborn photography.  This meant it was really important to photograph babies as early as possible.  Ideally within the first few weeks and the earlier the better. 

After about 14 days babies all start to uncurl and, for a while at least, can often become a little more unsettled.  There are exceptions to the rule of course.  Some babies remain super chilled all the time and others hardly ever!  When a baby is born in relation to it’s due date can also play a big factor in how settled they are in the first few weeks.  A newborn baby, who arrives 3 weeks early, may remain much more settled.  A baby who was 2 weeks overdue may be really unsettled at a week of age.  There are so many factors to consider! 

If you are expecting a baby I really recommend that you download the Wonder Weeks App.  If you are reading this on your phone click here to download the app now.  The app is a great way to track all the developmental milestones (and is spookily accurate).  It’s perfect for new Mums who may be wondering why their baby is having a really unsettled day. It can definitely help! 

The style of photography I now offer means that it’s MUCH less important when a baby is photographed.  I approach all of my baby photoshoots in pretty much the same natural and relaxed way.  This has made things much easier for me and the families who choose me as their baby photographer.

There are some golden windows/possible times to avoid though and I think they are as follows:


Photographing a newborn baby is a celebration of a new life so it’s lovely to do this when they are still so very tiny.  I photograph babies from 3-4 days old up to about 8-9 weeks in exactly the same ‘newborn’ style. 

newborn baby asleep with it's arms raied above it's head

8-11 weeks

Babies at this stage can ‘sometimes’ be a little tricky and may be a little more unsettled. There are always exceptions to the rule though.   I am totally guided by my clients at this age though and if they know that they have a really easy, chilled baby then I know I will be able to photograph them!

9 week old baby in a white studio during a newborn photoshoot

3 months +

The personailty of a 3 month old baby will really be beginning to shine through. Babies at this age are delightful to photograph.  They are usually so smiley and EVERYTHING is exciting at this age! They are also able to focus on the camera.

dad looking down at 3 month old baby girl during a photoshoote in a pure white studio

6 months +

6 month old babies are generally starting to sit unaided. This opens up so much more variety, which can be introduced to the photoshoot.  Babies at this age also tend to stay where you put them too! This is a huge benefit for everyone involved!


12 months

12 month old babies really have something to celebrate. The first birthday is a major milestone I love to photograph.  I don’t offer the glitzy cake smash style of photography as it’s just not for me. It’s lovely to mark this birthday with something a little more understated. I want my baby photography to still look good in years to come. 

little boy picking up a wooden letter during a cake smash baby photoshoot

Toddlers and young children

Little people are an absolute delight to photograph and there is so much personality to capture at this age.   I am mainly a baby photographer but also photograph lots of toddlers and younger children as well.

little girl giving her mum a hug in a white studio during a baby photoshoot

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