a beautifull prepared equine photoshoot gift voucher

Sadly, I don’t own a horse at the moment.  I do know though that, if someone had bought me an equine photoshoot gift voucher, I would have been absolutely DELIGHTED!  As an equine photographer, I know that most people dream of having a photoshoot with their horses.  I also know that most horse owners are so busy that they often never get around to organizing a photoshoot themselves.  When you surprise a friend with an equine photoshoot gift voucher they will be truly THRILLED!

Whole family photograph with parents, children, horses and dogs

Equine Photography Gift Vouchers – 2 parts to the gift

My clients always comment on how much they enjoy the actual photoshoot itself.  I think that most people are apprehensive about being in front of a camera.  Lots of people are also nervous about spending time with a photographer, whom they hardly know.  What surprises most people is that the actual photoshoot is a really lovely day.  Add to that they will create treasured memories of them with their horse – it really is a double gift!  What’s more – if you can help out at the photoshoot (another pair of hands is always helpful) it makes the gift even more special. You can click here to see some of my recent work.

Equine Photography Gift Vouchers – Photoshoot Only

You can buy a ‘voucher only’ photoshoot, which just includes the photoshoot, retouching, and a design session.  The design consultation is where the artwork is chosen and wall art is designed.  I sometimes host the session at my studio/gallery or via a Zoom session if people live further away.

Equine Photography Gift Vouchers – Photoshoot and Gift Certificate

In addition to buying the photoshoot you can also buy a ‘gift certificate’ to put towards any purchases after the shoot.  If you click here you will see a range of options you can easily book online.  It’s also possible for you to create a totally bespoke gift certificate (for any amount) as well.  You just need to email me at info@jennifergillamphotography.co.uk and I’ll create something just for you. My equine photography gift voucher packs are hand prepared and really beautiful.  They are such a nice thing to give to someone and I know they are a wonderful gift to receive.  I can either send it to you or, if time is tight, directly to the recipient.  There is space on the voucher to write a ‘to’ and ‘from and also space to add a personal message.


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