Horse Photography The New Forest

girl sitting bareback on her pony in the new forest

Horse Photography The New Forest

If you are lucky enough to keep your horse in The New Forest I think you are truly blessed.  The hacking opportunities must be endless and the scenery is nothing short of breath-taking.  The New Forest is, without doubt, one of my favourite places to visit and definitely one of my favourite all time places for horse photography.  I’m so pleased that I live in Hampshire and that the New Forest is just a short drive away!

The New Forest is a beautiful location and absolutely perfect for horse photography.  A location with so much variety is always a bit of a blessing when you are planning photography with horses.  The Forest has plenty of beautiful, open vistas which create wonderfully impressive portraits.  It also has plenty of treelined walks and so much greenery.   A good horse photographer will look for a combination of backdrops during your photoshoot so that there is plenty of variety in the final collection of portraits. What’s more, every season is beautiful in the forest!   

I think it’s really important that your horse photoshoot celebrates what’s important to you.  My clients all love their horses and have chosen to celebrate them with beautiful artwork.  You can click here to get an idea of what sorts of things people do with the artwork we create after the photoshoot. If you are able to do that in a really beautiful location as well you are so very lucky!  My style of horse photography is relaxed and natural and I work hard to make it a really lovely experience.

Why Horse Photography?

Although there are many reasons why my clients book a horse photoshoot – the aim will always be the same.  Your horse photoshoot will create beautiful portraits of you and your horse in a very relaxed and intimate way.  Good horse photography allows the personality of the horse to shine through.  It also captures the love you have for your horse, what makes them unique, and (perhaps most importantly) the bond you share.  Capture all that in a beautiful location and you have artwork that will be priceless!

If your horse happens to be stabled somewhere else you may also want to consider transporting them to The New Forest for your photoshoot.  You can click here for a guide to riding your horse responsibly in The New Forest.

lady and a horse and a pony standing in the new forest
girl sitting bareback on her pony in the new forest
lady kneeling with her horse by a stream in the new forest
lady standing with her horse in the new forest with lots of autimn colour
lady standing with her horse loking over a wooden gate in the new forest
girl leaning against a tree with her fluffy old pony during an equine photoshoot
a family of mother and three daughters and their horses and ponies in the new forest on a sunny day
lady standing with a horse in a brick gateway


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