Baby Photography – Covid-19

dad holding a newborn baby during a baby photography - Covid 19 safe and socially distanced photoshoot

Keeping Baby Photography Safe During Covid-19

Baby photography

Baby Photography – Covid-19 – what it means for photography studios. 2020 was the beginning of a very tough time for everyone. Like so many other small businesses, baby photography studios have had to close their doors quite a few times – and rightly so.  The first lockdown for me was the catalyst I needed to do something completely different and the gift of time. I will always be grateful for that opportunity to rethink what I do.  Lockdown allowed me to totally change the way I approach baby photography and introduce a style I had loved for many years. I work alone and own one of the busiest baby photography studios in the area so there was never a good time to make the change.

A brand-new area was created in my studio and I removed the colour, the fussy props, and clutter.  The very brave decision was made to re-invent myself as a baby photographer! The decision was also made to only offer a very pared-back, contemporary, bright fresh style of baby photography. The focus is now totally on the baby and it’s family.  It has been the best thing I have ever done. Click here to see some of my ‘white studio’ baby photography.

Baby Photography – Covid-19 – what it’s allowed me to do:

  • Lockdown has allowed me to babies in a completely hands-off way.  I knew that I had to avoid spending hours carefully posing babies in the traditional way. I wanted to create a simple, honest style that allowed parents to position the babies themselves 
  • Photograph older babies and toddlers – prior to Covid-19. I had only ever photographed newborn babies and that was all I was set up to do in my studio.  I had so many babies on my waiting list and so many of them were no longer going to be newborns. Knowing that I needed to be able to photograph babies of any age. This has been a revelation! I’ve discovered that photographing older babies is just as enjoyable and rewarding as precious little newborns
  • Offer a style of photography I truly love.  I am definitely a less is more type of person and I think this is why I was always drawn to this style of baby photography.  Babies are all absolutely beautiful and that is precisely what I want to capture – not the props, headbands or colourful backdrops.  I want to capture every little detail against a simple, which backdrop so that the baby is truly the star of the show

Baby Photography Covid-19 – When Lockdown Lifts

When doors could finally open again I felt totally confident in my Baby Photography Covid-19 policy.  I obviously introduced all the recommended Covid-19 measures and made sure that anyone who came to the studio was symptom-free.   The studio itself is a pretty big space so it never feels like we are on top of each other. This is especially true now that I hardly, if ever, need to touch a baby.  My baby photography studio is also in the grounds of my home so it’s completely closed between shoots. I’ve never been one to overbook myself and so one shoot per day enabled me to make sure the studio had a deep clean between clients.  Although I have a to share baby photographs in, most of my design sessions are currently via Zoom. Click here for the latest Covid-19 guidance from the UK government.

At the time of writing this blog, I am looking forward to (hopefully) opening my doors again on the 12th of April 2021. Even though things are starting to significantly improve I will continue to work in exactly the same way. I will always take the utmost care with each and every baby who comes to the studio. When you are looking for a newborn or baby photographer make sure you find out what their Baby Photography – Covid-19 policy is. I personally don’t think anyone photographer should be ‘hands-on’ (often for many hours) whilst we are still facing a pandemic.

ps – I have thankfully had my first Covid-19 vaccine too!


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