Newborn Baby Photography Berkshire

mum and dad gazing down at their newborn baby during a newborn photoshoot

Looking for Newborn Baby Photography in Berkshire?

My baby photography journey began in Berkshire in 2010.  Although I originally trained as a wedding and portrait photographer I realised that I adored photographing babies!  As a photographer, I was drawn to the simplicity of newborn baby photography.  The newborn window is such a magical time and that my clients are so full of love and pride.  It’s a huge privilege to play even a small part in people’s lives at this magical time.

I own a beautiful purpose-built baby photography studio, which is located in the grounds of my home.  I live in a place called Newtown Common, which is just south of Newbury.  This means I am ideally located for anyone looking for newborn baby photography in Berkshire. You can click here to see where Newtown Common is located. You may notice that I am officially Hampshire but yards from the Berkshire border!

Pure White Newborn Baby Photography in Berkshire

I am one of the few photographers to specilaise in contemporary, pure white baby photography.  In fact, I believe I am currently the only photographer to offer this pure white, timeless style in the entire region.  My style of newborn photography is honest, relaxed and totally contemporary.  As a photographer, I love simple images and, as a person generally, I believe less is definitely more!  Click here to see my baby photography gallery.

For many years I only photographed newborn babies (really tiny babies and usually under 10 days old) so I have masses of experience working with very small babies.  The newer style of newborn baby photography I now offer means that age is far less important.  I now photograph a 7-day old baby in exactly the same way that I photography a 7-week old baby.  So please don’t think you have missed out if your baby wasn’t photographed within the first few weeks. I’d love to tell you more about what I do so please click here to get in touch.


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