Pure White Baby Photography


Jennifer Gillam is all about pure white baby photography. My style of baby photograph has evolved massively over the years and is now very different from when I began photographing babies in 2010. The Covid-19 pandemic gave me the gift of time and enabled me to change everything I do!  I built a brand new ‘all white’ area in my studio, which enabled me to begin offering a style of photography I absolutely love!  It’s something I had wanted to do for many years but never really had the time to change whilst I was so busy.

Timeless, Pure White Baby Photography

I love this simple and contemporary style of baby photography. I’ve been really bold and stripped back all clutter and fuss.  This style of simple baby photography is calming, honest, and totally timeless.  All babies are absolutely beautiful and I believe that should be all we try to capture as baby photographers.  I also now focus more on the baby/parent shots as these are incredibly important and I think will be the most precious photographs you could ever pass on.

Beautiful Wall Art and Keepsakes

Pure white baby photography means that all the photographs from a baby photoshoot work beautifully as a set. This is really beneficial when wall art is created using multiple images. It’s also perfect for when keepsakes are created using collections of mounted prints.  Click here to have a look at the range of products I offer. See how a pared-down, bright white palette can create really beautiful artwork. I guess it’s no surprise that some of my inspiration came from The White Company!


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