What is the best time of the year for equine photography?

lady standing by a lake with her black stallion

This is such a big question and there is genuinely no right or wrong answer.   An experienced photographer will always choose locations that surprise you and they will create beautiful equine portraits in every single season. Let me help you decide which is the best time of the year for equine photography – for you!

There are a few things for you to consider though and something here may help you to decide when is the best time for you?

Do you have a favourite season? If you absolutely love a particular season you will obviously love seeing photographs taken at that time.  Seeing something hanging on your wall at your most favourite time of the year will make your heart sing every single day!

When does your location look its best? Some locations definitely have a prime visual season.  I have photographed horses against stunning autumn backdrops and you just know it would never look so good at any other time of the year.  Some locations burst into life in the spring and this can be a joy to capture as well.  Have a think about your location and when you like it best.

What is your house/decor like?  may sound like an odd question but it’s actually really important.  If you were buying artwork for a specific room you would definitely think about colour palette and what will or won’t look good.  The same goes for equine photographs.  I approach all of my photoshoots with the intention of creating wall art so think about if you would really like an autumn shoot to match your décor. 

You can click here to see plenty of photographs from all 4 seasons!

Equine Photography – the best time of the year?

In all honesty every single season has it’s pros and cons and I have listed some of my thoughts to help with the decision making process below: 

What makes Spring a good time for Equine Photography


It’s lovely to look forward to a spring equine photoshoot after a long cold, wet winter. Everything looks so fresh and green and, once summer coats are established and grazing quality has improved, horses can suddenly look absolutely fantastic.  Flies are also less of a problem at this time of the year and that can be a major factor for some horses.  One of my few negatives for Spring Equine Photoshoots is that photographs can sometimes look overpoweringly GREEN but, thankfully, that’s something easily overcome in post-production.

What makes Summer a good time for Equine Photography

Think summer meadows, tanned humans, and healthy, fit horses – what’s not to like?  More chance of the weather being kind and you won’t need to be bundled up in too many layers.  It’s undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year for equine photography.  The downsides can be that flies are really bothersome for some horses and it may be necessary to avoid stretches of the day when the light is harsh it’s simply too hot.

What makes Autumn a good time for Equine Photography

lady standing with her horse in an usutmn setting

If you keep your horse somewhere that comes in to its own during the autumn it can undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful times for equine photography.  Autumn light can be soft, muted, and warm and the natural colours can be absolutely breathtaking.  Autumn generally means that flies are less of a problem and the harsh midday heat and glare of summer is no longer a problem either.  The weather is starting to be a little less predictable but that’s really the only downside to autumn as far as I am concerned!

What makes Winter a good time for Equine Photography

girl walking with her horse at Lucknam Park

It’s all too easy to discount a winter equine photoshoot but they are often totally stunning.  Winter light has a pure, muted quality (which I adore) and the lack of greenery and foliage creates a much subtler backdrop.  It’s never too hot and the harsh light of summer is no longer an issue either.  Flies are practically non-existent too!   The downsides are obviously that the weather can be absolutely rubbish, the ground can be wet and coats aren’t their best but, get it all lined up and it can produce the most fabulous photographs

If this has helped you to decide when will be the best time of the year for your equine photoshoot please click here to find out more


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