What should I wear for an equine photoshoot?

When you are thinking about what to wear for your equine photoshoot there are a few key things to consider.  It really helps to think carefully about what you are going to wear – you will be so glad that you did.  A good selection of outfits will also help you to feel really prepared on the day and this will undoubtedly increase your confidence.  There is a danger that people who love their horse put so much thought (and effort) in to getting them ready that they neglect themselves!  The following list of considerations should help you plan what to wear for your equine photoshoot:


Your equine photoshoot will probably take somewhere between 1 and 2 hours and will include a few different locations.  You will end up with a really good selection of photographs but they will be lifted if you have managed to introduce some variety in the clothes you choose to wear.

girl standing looking at her horse against a white wall

Consider the location

Your photographer will choose a number of locations to work with and each will probably have a slightly different look and feel.  For example – a summer meadow will be very different visually from a barn entrance.  It really helps for you to consider the locations when you choose what you wear.

Non-horsey clothes

You probably spend quite a lot of time in horsey clothes!  I always recommend that people try to avoid wearing their horse clothes for the shoot.  Remember that your photoshoot captures you as well as your horse so try and wear something you’d be happy to be photographed in – even without your horse!

lady looking up at her horse against a wooden shed

Make it special

You really don’t have to go to town on your outfits (and I totally get that you may not want to!).  However, if you own something you would really love to be photographed in this is the perfect opportunity.  You should remember that the artwork we create will last forever so wear something that makes you feel good and you will feel proud to look back on to in years to come

lady in a lacy dress with a beautiful black horse

Tell us who you are

When you are considering what to wear for your equine photoshoot try and inject a little of who you are.  If you manage to choose outfits, which are so ‘you’ your portraits will be totally unique!  Wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in will definitely allow you to feel comfortable as well.  If you really want to wear a glamorous dress for the photoshoot then do!  If you would prefer to wear shots and a t-shirt then that’s absolutely fine too!

lady kneeling with her horse in a summer meadow

Colour, patterns and logos

Colour is an important consideration.  My general approach to colour is keep it fairly neutral and muted.  The whole point of the photographs we take is to focus on you and your horse.  If you wear bright, primary colours this can often dominate the image.  I firmly believe that the best photographs are when you hardly notice what you are wearing and the eye is drawn to you and your horse.  The only exception to this is greys (white) horses.  Bright primary reds and blues can create amazing pop of colour against a white horse but only for part of the photoshoot.   I usually suggest that it’s best to avoid patterns and, when you do use them, keep them really simple and muted.  Logos – I’d say generally no if at all possible! Not only will logos date the photograph but they also draw the eye away from what’s important.

girl kneeling with her old fluffy pony by a tree

Bring more that you think you’ll need!

I suggest that you bring more than you need for a couple of reasons.  Your horse will almost certainly slobber on you at some point! Or you will manage to get yourself dirty all by yourself! It’s good to be prepared that some of your outfits will not last very long!  You should also be prepared to be surprised by what your photographer pulls out of your selection.  I’ve been photographing people and their horses for a really long time and have developed a knack for picking out the perfect outfit for a specific location.


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