One of my biggest regrets is that equine photography didn’t exist when I owned my last horse.  Bosworth was a 18.3hh Cleveland Bay cross Thoroughbred who gave me my confidence back (after his predecessor pretty much destroyed it!).  He was a gentle giant and the most affectionate, quirky but well-mannered horse I have ever met.  That horse would lower his head for his bridle and would lift his feet to be picked before you even arrived at that corner. He really was my horse of a lifetime. Sadly I only own a handful of photographs of us and none of them are that great.  I would give anything to be able to go back and have an equine photoshoot with Bosworth. That horse posessed so much character and I’d love to see that every day – hanging on my wall!

If you compete you probably have plenty of pictures of you both looking fantastic. Competition pictures are lovely but they can be a bit ‘samey’.  Yes, you can see a horse change shape and you can watch conformation improve. It’s also lovely to remember those special competitions but true ‘lifestyle’ equine photography is so very different.  An equine portrait will remind you how your horse nibbles your pockets in search of polos. It will help you to never forget how scared they are of the cows in the neighboring field!  These funny little things, which make your horse unique, is precisely what we aim to capture

The Aim of Professional Equine Photography

You, simply hanging out with your horse at home, is what will make your photoshoot unique. Capturing the pride you feel for your horses is what I love best. Every singel equine photoshoot is different and this is what makes the photographs we capture unique, precious and so very important.  I am one of those unlucky people who lost a horse to a broken leg so I know, only too well, that they are not with us forever.  This is precisely why I think it’s important that everyone has an equine photoshoot at least once. 

Celebrate your beautiful horse, capture their character, never forget and enjoy seeing them on your wall forever! Click Here to see some of my favourite work.


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